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The Vidar Group, LLC was founded in 2017 and is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business service provider headquartered in Grand Forks, ND. Our team consists primarily of combat-proven Veterans with diverse skill sets, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Our solid reputation in the industry attests to our capabilities. We employ highly skilled experts tailored to meet the specific demands of each mission entrusted to us. We thrive in challenging environments. We tackle tasks with unwavering determination. We are available round the clock, anywhere you need us.
Team Vidar elevates your capabilities and enhances your chances of success. Whether you represent a military unit, private company, public safety agency, federal agency, institution, private individual, or publicly traded company, we stand ready to provide our dedicated support.

DUNS: 09-6888-764
EIN: 82-1118660


The Vidar Group, LLC is a service disabled, veteran-owned service provider headquartered in Grand Forks, ND. The Vidar family is comprised almost entirely of combat proven Veterans with a wide variety of skillsets. Our reputation speaks for itself. We employ the best and brightest experts suited for the mission that we have been asked to execute.

No place is too austere.
No task is impossible.
Anytime, anywhere.
Team Vidar enhances your capabilities and increases probability of success. Whether you are a military unit, private company, public safety agency, federal agency, institution, private individual or publicly traded company, we are ready to support you


At The Vidar Group, our mission is more than just a statement; it’s a commitment to you, our valued partner. We understand that your mission is unique, with its own challenges, objectives, and goals. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to making your mission our priority.

Meet Our Founders

Wes Shover

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Miller


Charlie Keebaugh

Chief Strategy Officer

The Team

Program / Operations Management

➢ Program Management and Site Leadership
➢ Exercise Support & Planning
➢ Airspace Planning & Airboss
➢ Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies
➢ UAS Waivers, Exemptions, and Certificates of
➢ Aircraft Maintenance & Programs
➢ Aircraft Manufacturing & Assembly
➢ Aircraft Quality, Test, and Evaluation
➢ UAS Flight Test Engineering
➢ UAS Certification & Field Experimentation
➢ UAS Type Cert & Production Facility Expertise
➢ UAS Part 107 & Commercial Pilot Li

➢ Test Site Access & Management

Sensitive Operations Teams

➢ Joint Terminal Attack Control & ISR Surveillance
➢ Humanitarian Aid & Maritime Security
➢ Personnel Recovery & Combat Medicine
➢ FBI Undercover Surveillance Course
➢ Special Operations Interdiction Course
➢ Multiple OCONUS RPA Site Leads
➢ SOF Crises Reaction Force
➢ UAS and Manned ISR Expertise
➢ DoD and OGA UAS Operations Advisory Skills
➢ Technical Support and Operational Analysis (TSOA)
➢ DoD Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG)
➢ Counter UAS Operations & kinetic effects
➢ Custom payload integration and development
➢ Communications & mesh network sustainability
➢ Security Forces and Counter Surveillance Course
➢ Complex Airspace Deconfliction and Airboss Duties
➢ Advanced Radio Communication & Networking
➢ Small Unit Tactics

UAS Operations Team

➢ Variety of Unmanned Aircraft Capes
➢ Contract Air / Red Air
➢ Counter Drug Training
➢ Critical Infrastructure Security
➢ Private Property Surveillance
➢ Wildland Fire / Fire Mapping
➢ Certified Flight Instructors & Private
➢ 14 CFR Part 107 Pilots
➢ TFR Operations & Airboss Duties
➢ 1,000s of hours OCO RPA Experience
➢ MQ-1/9, RQ-7 Shadow, Raven, Puma,
     Jump 20, ScanEagle, RQ-21, DJI, Autel,
     Skydio, etc.
➢ cUAS Expertise & Radar Operations
➢ C2 and Mesh Network Skillsets


541611Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541613Marketing Consulting Services
541690Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541712Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)
561210Facilities Support Services
611512Flight Training
611519Other Technical and Trade Schools
611710Educational Support Services